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Government Of Assam Water Resources Flood and River Erosion Management Agency of Assam (FREMAA)

Success Stories

Dibrugarh Town Protection (DTP) Dyke

After the earthquake of 1950, most of the part of Dibrugarh town was eroded away by the Brahmaputra river and caused severe floods causing immense damage to life and property. It was then that the DTP Dyke was constructed by the Govt. of Assam to protect the Dibrugarh Town in the year 1954-55. Since its first construction in the early 50's, there has been no major maintenance works carried out and it was in a very dilapidated state. The DTP Dyke is very important as it is protecting the Dibrugarh Town, Assam Medical College and its adjoining areas from severe floods. Therefore, the works of raising and strengthening of DTP Dyke for a length of 8.5 km was taken up under Tranche-I by FREMAA, funded by ADB. The works started in 2013-14 and was completed in early 2017.

The successful completion of the works by FREMAA has been appreciated by the Government and people of all sections of society in Dibrugarh. Blacktopping of the embankment and placing of solar lights along the DTP Dyke has been appreciated by the people of Dibrugarh. A total area of 32418 hectares and population of 150000 are benefitted.