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Government Of Assam Water Resources Flood and River Erosion Management Agency of Assam (FREMAA)

Project Sites

The project includes comprehensive riverbank protection works at Dibrugarh, Palasbari-Gumi and Kaziranga. It also includes upgradation and construction of embankment at Dibrugarh, Kaziranga and Palasbari. The project incorporates state-of-the-art technology of international standard such as use of sand filled Geo-textile bags at apron of the protection work including concrete blocks at revetment.

The project consists of two tranches: Tranche - I and Tranche - II.

  • Tranche - I consists of Dibrugarh and Palasbari-Gumi subproject.
  • Tranche - II consists of Dibrugarh, Palasbari - Gumi and Kaziranga subproject.